Evelin Felix Lindberg (b. 1996.09.11) is an experimental composer, with roots in Västerås, currently based in Oslo. As a young artist, they try to investigate the underlying material conditions of each work and its potential to confront the current time. They work with new media, technology, and performance, both as tool, reference, and conceptual field of exploration, in the form of an intermedial and conceptual art practice.

Defining, designing, and contextualizing the frameworks and the media as much as the parameters and content that takes form within them is paramount in their practice, striving to unravel reified conditions and reveal the material supports of a work as primary agents within it. Their work deals, among other things, with the contemporary experience of life within technologically mediated environments, a queer societal outlook and the social conditions surrounding the field of electroacoustic music, as well as the creation and conception of an art practice in both collective and solitary forms.

Their work spans from installations, performances and happenings with formats ranging from multichannel audio and video, light, electromechanical instruments, sensors and DIY electronics, audience participation, live composition, game- web- and radio technology, to concert works for electronics and ensemble or solo performer.

glitched portrait of evelin

Evelin studied classical piano at the Falun Conservatory of Music, and composition at Gotland School of Music Composition and in the spring of 2022, they graduated with a bachelor's degree at the Norwegian Academy of Music and Staatliche Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Stuttgart under the tuition of Anders Tveit, Joanna Bailie, Piet Johan Meyer, Martin Schüttler, Natasha Barrett and Asbjørn Schaathun.

Their works have been performed and displayed at festivals and events such as Ultima, Darmstädter Ferienkurse, Sonisk Hage, Hotboxfestivalen, Ljudvågor, BROWSER SOUND: Location Sharing and IRCAM forum, and they have collaborated with musicians/artists and ensembles including Nordic Voices, Claes Holmgren, Norrbotten NEO, Vokalharmonin, Josh Spear, Andreas Gundersen and David Cariano Timme as well as actors, artists, developers and architects at AHO, Merz Akademie, HMDK Stuttgart and outside of institutions. Their work has been supported by the Norwegian Arts Council, the Norwegian Composers' Association, Oslo Kommune, Bergesenstiftelsen, Helge Ax:son Jonsons stiftelse, trafo.no as well as being finalist for the Köster Prize in Bremen 2023.

They are also an active performer of live electronics, voice/movement, and various arbitrary setups and ad-hoc ensembles, in both their own and others' works. In 2022 Evelin founded the electroacoustic project ensemble IMPURE MUSIC together with Mikkel Alvheim Åse. Additionally, they are active in organizing events and festivals, and are vice chair of UNM Sweden since 2022.



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